VIRÁG selects helmets and equipment amongst the trendiest brands.

What guide Hélène in her choice of brand and models are:

– Style and innovation of design
– High quality and security of material and finish
– Comfort and practicality
– Common values of protection and respect, solidarity and sharing, accessibility and inclusion.

VIRÁG helmets and equipment meet current safety standards, are anti-uv and waterproof. We invite you to read the helmets technical data sheets we selected for you.

Helmet brands that VIRÁG is proud to collaborate with are:
THOUSAND, BERN, KASK, DASHEL and Marseille’s brand ALK13.


Hélène uses professional water-based Posca markers and resistant varnishes for a glossy or matte finish to protect the paintings and the environment.

Our helmets and equipment all have original colors and designs inspired by the English and Hungarian embroidery influences of the artist’s origins.

VIRÁG symbolizes the magic created when the uniqueness of each detail taken from the infinity of the drawing forms a harmonious and multifaceted whole, with the tasteful mix of a color palette selected by the artist.

Hélène so far launched 5 collections of different styles: Lace, Liberty, Magyar, Porcelain, Mandala.

Collection Dentelle

Lace Collection

Collection Porcelaine

Liberty Collection 

Collection MAGYAR

Magyar Collection 

Collection Porcelaine

Mandala Collection 

Collection Porcelaine

Porcelain Collection 

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