Hélène Szabo Darley

an inspirational life…

Hélène is passionate about travels, meeting people through photography and reading, guided by her heart and intuition. She travelled the world in tribute to creation and transmission.

Self-taught artist, to Hélène drawing and designing are meditation like, a daily invite to mix beauty and usefulness.
English on her mother’s side and Hungarian on her father’s, embroidery and sewing, are more than inheritance; they are the inspiration that guide all her creations.


The Southern “Pura Vida” conquered Hélène… After a life in the Canary Islands, travelling in Latin America, settling in Marseille, and working in the Salsa world, Hélène now spends her days with a good maté (Argentinean tea), her electric bicycle (she never drives a car), her family, and enough to create her unique designs on riding helmets and other equipment.

Nothing matters more to her than magnifying her difference and cultivating authenticity. To protect what’s more beautiful: Nature and Life.

After Les P’tites Bazarettes, Hélène is eager to let as many people as possible know that VIRÁG stands for flower in Hungarian.

Hélène’s motto: «Any object, even a useful one, must be beautiful”.