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VIRÁG celebrates its 1 year anniversary with a new partnership of innovative helmets!

Hélène Szabo Darley is pleased to present this Winter 2022/2023 limited series of customised helmets by VIRÁG. This is a partnership with Athénaïs de Lime the founder of BE MOJOO, the French distributor of LUMOS High Tech Luminous Bike Helmets.

LUMOS helmets are the essential accessory for cycling, scootering and skateboarding, to ensure safety and visibility. You can use your bike as often as possible in the best traffic conditions by making yourself ultra visible ! Equipped with LEDs, the LUMOS connected bicycle helmets allow you to be visible at 360°: rear and front lights, rear and front indicators, brake light. A Bluetooth remote control on the handlebars can be used to activate the indicators. Finally, MIPS technology is integrated. Nominated for the Road Safety Innovation Awards in 2020 and 2022, these are the only helmets in the world to activate the turn signals with the movements of the arm equipped with an Apple watch.
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LUMOS helmets personalised by VIRÁG become real jewels of technology numbered… so to illuminate and secure your eco-mobility, this new limited series of luminous helmets is a brilliant idea for your Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts!
Order them already customised at our showroom in Marseille and on our online shop.

You can also vote for your favourite VIRÁG helmet colours and collections on @bemojoo and order your helmet to be customised by VIRÁG on the online shop.

Les casques LUMOS sont l'accessoire indispensable à vélo, en trottinette, en skate, pour assurer sécurité et utiliser son vélo le plus souvent possible dans les meilleures conditions de circulation en vous rendant ultra visibles
Série limitée Fada Bike by Virág


Fada Bike Marseille keeps its line in mind !

This 100% Marseille-based company offers guided tours of Marseille on electric bikes.

In small groups on electrically-assisted bicycles and with a local guide, curious visitors or locals (re)discover the best of this tumultuous and sublime city.
FADA BIKE uses ARCADE CYCLES helmets for its clients.
The electric bike becomes a pretext for meeting people and sharing a pleasant moment.

The choice of a VIRÁG design on FADA BIKE helmets was born from the creative work of its two co-founders, Emmanuel Darley and Hélène Szabo Darley. The Marseille by VIRÁG line was designed by Hélène on the basis of a photo taken at sea by Emmanuel.
In addition to being greatly embellished by the flowery design of the Marseille by VIRÁG line, the varnish used for the finish significantly increases the life span of the helmets, which are put to the test by FADA BIKE‘s many customers.
Hélène is the creative artist and founder of VIRÁG and is now exclusively dedicated to its development.

You can find copies of this limited edition Fada Bike by VIRÁG on their online shop