VIRÁG was born during the first 2020 lockdown, by Hélène Szabo Darley, a designer who lives and works in France in Endoume, a renowned district of Marseille, as she truly desired to revamp beautiful and useful objects, promoting a lifestyle that connects us to our inner and outer Nature as well as taking care of it.


Nature is indeed unique as well as the customization of VIRÁG helmets and equipment. Their hand painting is what makes every item unique. Each model is numbered like works of art and highlights this pride to enrich our differences.

VIRÁG, that stands for flower in Hungarian, fine-tunes liberty and embroidery patterns combined with other resolutely modern and unisex designs.

VIRÁG helmets and equipment are ready-made and immediately available or you can also decide for yourself online and discuss with Hélène about the customization.

Hélène offers you the possibility to upcycle your own. She then adapts her creation as part of the existing helmet or accessory.


VIRÁG creation can play solo, duo, within the family or friends, for any age or for whomever (woman, man, baby/child), wants to wear their helmet as a true fashion-creator equipment.

Whether you are a cyclist commuter, a cyclist freak, passionate about scooting, skating, horseback riding, surfing…or that you wish to use a safe and eco-friendly way to move around, to practice sport or to enjoy yourself in an environmental and safe way, VIRÁG helmets and equipment are for you and a wonderful present for your beloved ones too!